As one of the prime waste management companies in Nigeria, IWSL has put together 5 ways to effectively manage your waste disposal.

  • Separate your waste. Use different trash containers for different kind of waste. Label each according to the type of waste and encourage family, friends, colleagues and those around to dispose appropriately.
  • Adopt good recycling practice. Find out what opportunities are available for recycling in  Nigeria. Things like plastics and bottles should be kept in a separate container and sent out to the appropriate bodies for recycling. By so doing, you save the environment and reduce the bulk of your waste.
  • If your waste can be reused, opt for that rather than disposing.
  • Work with reputable waste disposal companies around your locality in Nigeria.
  • Set up routine pick up schedule and ensure that both parties stick to it.

There are numerous waste management companies in Nigeria. So it might be quite tasking to choose a specific service provider. But not to worry, we have taken out time to compile a list of things to watch out for before making a choice.

Environmental Credentials

Before using the services of any waste management company, do your due diligence. Ensure that the company has all necessary documentations, including certificates of company registration, all necessary waste collection and disposal licenses, address and vehicle information, etc.

Waste Management Process

A good waste management company must have a pollution-free and environmentally-friendly process. You are mandated to get all necessary information related to the waste management process before engagement. How do they process their waste? is it recycled, incinerated or disposed off in areas where it can cause pollution?


Do your research to ensure that the waste management company employs qualified, well-trained and experienced hands. The success of every organization is dependent on the competence it’s labor force.


Modern day waste disposal requires the use of top quality tools, machineries and vehicles. When choosing a waste management company, go for one that is well-equipped.


Avoid a waste disposal companies that are prone to disappointing clients. The last thing you want is having a pile of waste accumulate beyond the expected pick-up date.

IWSL provides a host of services, including waste management, recycling, cleaning, maintenance, etc across Nigeria; with primary focus in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt.