Environmental Consultancy

We provide consultancy services on a contractual/retainer ship basis for private and public sector clients, addressing environmental issues such as water pollution, air quality, and soil contamination. IWSL work across a wide range of industries and have quite varied activities. Some key

tasks could include:

  • Conducting analysis and providing expert advice to business and government on how legislation impacts projects.
  • Conducting field surveys to, for example, establish a baseline condition for levels of pollution or contamination for a site proposed for development.
  • Interpreting data from field surveys using software modelling tools to
  • establish if contamination exists.
  • Developing conceptual models using data collected and analyzed from field surveys.
  • This involves identifying critical pathways and receptors that could potentially have an adverse impact on the immediate and wider environment.
  • Report writing to provide detailed advice to clients that can be used to assist decision making on legislation or industry projects.