Waste Management| Onshore and Offshore Waste| Hazardous Waste| Recycling

IWSL provides waste management services to industries, construction and demolition sites, shopping malls, specialized municipal waste for the state and Oil & Gas sector of Nigeria.

We make use of dedicated modern waste collection equipment such as Roll-On-Roll-Off and Skip-Bin for collection and disposal of construction/demolition wastes as well as other specialized waste.

Our service also include effective waste collection and disposal services to residential apartments, hotels, restaurants, banks, lock-up shops and offices.

Hazardous waste management is a growing problem in the world, both in the amount of hazardous waste products that are produced and the increasing problem of where to store it and how to resolve it. The Environmental Protection Agency seeks to protect both the environment and human health through regulating business practices. Waste disposal and management companies like IWSL are the arm of the waste industry

IWSL provides robust Programs for the management of your Waste and

Recycling Streams. Our objective is to listen to our clients in order to

understand how we can best tailor a program that helps them achieve their goals in diverting recyclables away from the landll and into a recycling outlet.

We collect the following recyclable materials for further reprocessing into new production raw materials:

  1. PET Plastic Bottles and Containers
  2. Used Beverage (Aluminum) Cans
  3. Pure Water Sachets
  4. LDPE Nylon Packaging
  5. HDPE Packaging Containers
  6. Shredded and Non-shredded Ofce Papers
  7. Old Newspapers
  8. Brown Corrugated Cartons
  9. Glass Bottles

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This service is suitable for households, manufacturing industries, oil and gas industries, hospitals, hotels, corporate offices, etc.